Raising Standards for ~ Children’s Homes and Expectations for Children without Parents

Aozora Children Educational Welfare Trust is an established and trusted multinational non-governmental organization (NGO) that empowers children without parents to reach their full potential. We know that miracles happen when you bring together those who have, with those who have not, so we offer tangible and fulfilling ways for people to help children without parents.
Together with our supporters, we bring life-changing care to children, train displaced women to become cherished mothers and fund scholarships for education. Because when you empower those with a lot of heart, you affect real change.
And we don’t stop there. We lead with the heart, but carefully measure with the head. We systematically measure progress based on the 12 Rights of the Child. This way, donors can clearly see the impact their investment makes.
All children have the right to a healthy childhood, a quality education and an opportunity for a promising future. Our job is to give everyone the opportunity to join in and be the miracle these children are hoping for.

How We ~ Began

Aozora Children Educational Welfare Trust began on Mother’s Day in 2006, when Nikesh Kumar Sinha set off on a trip around the world and found herself at a children’s home in a remote village of India. He was shocked by the conditions in which the children lived, but captivated by their strength, beauty and incredible, untapped potential.

Create a ~ Miracle

Together, we can change the world for children without parents. Will you join us? As a monthly donor you can create a miracle for vulnerable, deserving children.


Hunger is the number one health risk in the world. One in eight people go to bed hungry each night. And lack of food leads to dehydration, malnourishment, weakened immune systems and impaired brain function, among other things. Close to 3 billion people live on less than $2 per day. And that’s $2 a day for all of life’s expenses — food, transportation, housing, emergencies, etc. Many of us spend twice that amount on our morning cup of coffee.
It’s difficult to imagine having a satisfying meal for $2, let alone only having $2 to try and meet all of the needs that come up during a day. However, our $2 Dinner Challenge will help with this a little bit. It’ll give you a small taste of what life is like for children and families living in extreme poverty.