Our Children

Our children have limitations that they were born with. They’ve been further traumatized through rejection and separation from their parents. Our focus is on nurturing and loving them back into wholeness, as best as we can. Whether it be providing an icecream or taking them out to a movie, we want them to enjoy life just as other children do!
Even though physiotherapy and early sensory training are extremely critical for their development, we never underestimate the role of socializing, which contributes to their psychological and mental wellbeing too.  So, we take them out regularly to places of worship, the beach, public parks, and places where they get to meet other children and adults. Under supervision, they are encouraged to play daily at the local playground. Not only is this healthy for their bodies, encouraging them to better mobility, but the social interaction helps them adjust and carry themselves with confidence in public, while the public learn to accept and interact with them.
Here’s a thought: If you’re in or around this area, come on over and meet our children. Play with them, teach them something, laugh with them, get involved. You’ll find loads of options under the “Volunteer” page, which can help you get started!

Donate to AoZora Orphange School in Bodh Gaya India. Giving can make the biggest difference in the lives of those who need it most!!